Dalriada Kingdom Tours are the only independent local guides conducting walking tours on this iconic site. We are the guides to walk with when you want to discover this magical place. We know that by tradition the men from the local families were the original guides on the Giants Causeway . The last authentic independent local guide to work on the site was in the early 1970’s. Now for the first time in over 40 years local families are back where they belong guiding on the Giants Causeway.

Dalriada Kingdom Tours have guides who are descendants of famous local families like the Purdys, the McFetridges,the McMullans and the McQuilkens touring on the site. The Giants Causeway is our home, and we are the guides who know it best. The names of our families are woven into the very fabric of this iconic site. Our ancestors have shaped and formed the Giants Causeways as much as it has shaped and formed us. It has made us who we are and given us a real sense of self worth and a pride of place . For too long our stories were not being told on the “Causeway”, we are here to change that, they will be told now with pride and passion.

Dalriada Kingdom Tours exists to bring new life to a heritage lost and a people long forgotten, the “people of the shore”. We invite you to walk with us and experience the very best guided walking tours on the Giants Causeway site.