Dalriada Kingdom Tours conducts executive level private walking tours for groups of 6, but also guides for larger groups. The Giant’s Causeway and the Cliff Paths are where Mark calls home. His company exists to offer visitors to this area a choice. Mark has blended a mix of old traditional guiding methods with modern techniques to provide a personal, professional experience. He has no ulterior motive in offering you his services, simply put he wants to provide you with an experience that you will always remember, for a fair reward.

The stories he tells are authentic. There is over 125 years of family history attached to this site. His family, along with their friends and neighbours have given their permission for Mark and his guides to tell you the stories that have been passed down through the generations.

Over the years the Purdy’s have been kelp harvesters, fishmongers, pony and trap men and guides across this shore and on this iconic site. Along with their neighbours, friends and family these people make up the very fabric of the Causeway. These are a people long forgotten and a heritage almost lost. But not anymore we keep it alive. We believe very strongly that our future is anchored in our past.

As you walk around the Causeway you will be amazed on your journey as your guide brings the Causeway back to life, telling you stories of how life used to be, how the Causeway used to look and as you wonder around, we will tell you the geology of the site, point out the famous rock formations most guides to this area have never found, such as The Giant’s coffin, The Fiddler, The Key Stone and show you where the infamous Finn McCool lived.