Portballintrae is a popular seaside village, situated just off the Causeway Coastal Route, to the north of Bushmills.

It boasts a sheltered harbour, a geological ASSI*, quiet beach, a plethora of interesting rock pools and a beautifully situated nine-hole golf course.  It is worth noting that the waters off the adjacent Runkerry Beach have strong rip tides and are not safe for swimming or watersports.

Portballintrae is forever linked to the fate of La Girona – a galleass of the 1588 Spanish Armada; it was nearby at Lacada Point that the ship foundered in 1588. Always a popular spot for diving, in 1967/68 a team of Belgian divers discovered and recovered thousands of artefacts from the wreck and brought them ashore at Portballintrae for permanent display at The Ulster Museum. The wreck is noteworthy for the loss of life that resulted and for the wealth of treasures recovered.

*ASSI – Areas of Specific Scientific Interest – provides statutory protection for the best examples of Northern Ireland’s flora, fauna, geological or physiographical features.