Few things in this life are as sweet as a sticky, sugary donut (or 'gravy rings' as they're often referred to in Northern Ireland). Perfect with coffee, or just on their own, donuts go down a treat at any time of the day!

Show yourself some #selfcare with a nice little treat the next time you fancy a coffee on the coast. You deserve it! Here are some incredible coffee stops and donut shops in the Causeway Coast and Glens:

Crumb and Beyond

Decadent little balls of fluff, served with a variety or toppings, are what Crumb and Beyond in Portrush are best known for. Find them serving up great coffee and donut balls at West Strand Carpark, Portrush.

Bean at the Beach

Donuts with a view are the daily special at Bean at the Beach, a modest coffee stop located in sunny Portrush. Grab a coffee and one (or more) of the many flavours they have on offer and head to the sandy shores of East Strand to savour and enjoy.

Vittle Bakeshop

A small, independent bakeshop creating tasty artisan bakes, Vittle have concocted an incredible cronut recipe that will keep you coming back time and time again. For those that aren't familiar with cronuts, they are tasty, flaky, buttery donuts made from croissant pastry. Incredible stuff!

Three Queens Donuts

A shop dedicated to donuts will always be sure to get our attention, and that's exactly what Three Queens Donuts have done with their recently opened premises in Coleraine. These decadent donuts will have your mouth watering once you set foot inside the door. We're going to have to sample them all to find our favourite!

Plenty of our other cafés and coffee shops across the Causeway Coast and Glens have donuts on the menu. If you've discovered some great donuts in the area that we haven't mentioned above we'd love to hear about them on social media.