We’ve bragged for years about how the Causeway Coast and Glens offers the perfect holiday destination for pet owners. When we talk about our pet-friendly holiday accommodation, and the stunning attractions and walking trails we like to explore, most of us envisage bringing along those four-legged tail-waggers, but what about our feline friends? Believe it or not, cats can make incredible travel companions, and can very easily be trained to be led on a leash or harness.

When we stumbled upon @IrishAdventureKitty’s Instagram profile, we were keen to talk to her owner Rachel to learn more about her travels throughout the Causeway Coast and Glens with her feline companion – a cute little black cat named Mila. Here’s what she had to say about their adventures:

'This might seem a bit of an unusual introduction, so I'll give you a bit more context - my name is Rachel and I take my cat on adventures all over our Emerald Isle. If you love cats and the beautiful scenery Northern Ireland has to offer, then you’ve come to the right place.

In 2019, my partner Sam and I decided to bring a cat into our family. We had heard from a friend there were some kittens on a farm needing rehomed. We visited and instantly fell in love with the smallest kitten, a tiny black ball of fluff with a little white mark on her chest. We named her Mila (pronounced Mee-la).

From the moment we collected her, Mila was the most laid-back little kitten, she even enjoyed the car ride home! Whenever we had guests in our home, she always greeted them and wanted to be the centre of attention - she has a real case of ‘FOMO’ (fear of missing out).

We continued to socialise Mila by taking her with us on visits to see friends and family and began harness training her straight away. After lots of slow and patient introductions into harness and leash training, Mila soon became a pro adventure cat. She was born to explore.

Shortly after we started taking her out with us, I started an Instagram account to document her adventures. It sparked my love for photography all over again and she became my muse, pictured with our beautiful countryside and coastline becoming the backdrops for all her photos.

The Causeway Coast and Glens have some of our favourite locations to visit and there's so much to offer. From the beautiful hills and glens, stunning forests and waterfalls, to the marvellous rugged coastline. A few locations we particularly love visiting are Glenariff, Murlough Bay, Fairhead, the Giant's Causeway, Kinbane Castle, Ballintoy Harbour and The Hidden Village of Galboly. There are plenty of other gems along the coastline, but I'd be here all day naming them. Mila thoroughly enjoys them all.

It's so rewarding and special to be able to take Mila along on our adventures and getting to show her the amazing landscapes around us. She loves to scamper over rocks on the shoreline, watch the rivers as they cascade through the forests, and hiking up challenging hills for the best views.

When people see a cat out walking it usually takes them by surprise. It's not yet a widely done thing in Northern Ireland, but there are plenty of adventure cats around the world. It's so lovely to see people smiling, and others have commented how it's made their day. Our interactions are mostly positive, Mila is a great ice breaker for conversations, and she loves to introduce herself to people by giving them head bumps on their hands. If people pass her and don't say hello, she looks like she gets a little miffed. It's as if she wants to charge a toll for passing, with strokes and attention as the fee! It's incredible to see people's mindsets changing when they see how happy she is to be out exploring. Mila really helps to break the stereotype that only dogs can be your adventure companions.

On our walks, off leash dogs are something we must remain vigilant for. This is generally something to be more wary of in busier public places, but we always stay alert no matter where we are. We love going off the beaten path and enjoy more secluded walks, so there's not usually too many about. Whenever we spot any dog, I lift Mila on to my shoulders and she perches on top of her backpack carrier, which we bring with us on every walk.

Walking a cat is completely different to walking a dog. For starters, it's a much slower pace but we've found joy in slowing down. We see a lot of smaller details on our walks because of this. I've noticed more wildflowers and insects that I haven't seen before, and I get to enjoy the views a little longer.

Sam and I spend so much time outdoors and I can't imagine us leaving Mila behind at home. We've travelled all over the island, and we love taking her along with us. She does fantastic in the car, even a 5-hour long drive was no problem for her.

Mila makes herself right at home no matter where we are, there's never any adjustment when staying in a new location, she just accepts it and goes with the flow. We're thankful that she's so adaptable. Mila has a great personality and is lots of fun to be around.

In the past couple of years, my photography has improved and I've taught myself how to use Adobe Lightroom for editing photos. A little tweak to lighting and colour can make a huge difference to the final photo. I love sharing Mila with the world through my photos and making her an ambassador for travelling to our beautiful island. She's inspired some to make the trip here to see the sights for themselves, and also inspired others to harness train their cats too.

If you enjoy our photos and you’d like to see more, please follow along on our adventures @Irish_adventure_kitty, and if you happen to spot us out walking during your next visit to the Causeway Coast and Glens, don't be shy and please say hello. I know Mila would love to meet you.'