Susan Francesca Hunter, Design Studio.

A designer/maker working on the North Coast of Northern Ireland.

My work varies in scale from small interior work and wall pieces to public art:

Interior work: Ceramic and glass dishes, platters and wall pieces are sold through outlets in Ireland and abroad as well as directly to the public from my studio.
Public Art: I use a range of materials such as bronze, stainless steel, concrete, glass and mosaic in public and private buildings i.e. hospitals, school buildings, housing developments and gardens.

I provide a range of ceramic and pottery courses at the studio, there are usually around 8-10 people in a class. Most of the courses are suitable for beginner’s, there are several kilns a throwing wheel and plenty of space.

My work is in a variety of media:

Glass: Small 3D works, dishes, platters, wall pieces (up to 1m in length)
Ceramic: platters, wall pieces, framed work
Bronze: cast bronze for floors/mosaic work.
Mosaic: one-off designs for gardens, seating, floor or wall pieces.
Stainless Steel: Sculpture, seating.