Naturally North Coast and Glens delivers a genuine independent community owned and managed artisan market across and beyond the North Coast and Glens area in Northern Ireland.

Market visitors will have every sense tantalised through the colourful art and crafts, the delicious aromas, taste of fresh food produce and the sound of musicians providing a backdrop to the buzz of traders and customers chatting and laughing.

This is a true community market where the emphasis is on local support, fresh food and produce, and handmade merchandise crafted with love by dedicated artisans who are passionate about what they do and love to talk about their unique wares.

Have a chat with each vendor and learn more about locally made produce, unique food items, or the artistic skill it takes to create any of the vast array of handcrafted items represented in the marketplace. Ask questions, broaden your mind, experience the entrepreneurial spirit, discover hidden talents, discover new products, and enjoy all the best your community market has to offer.

While the quality products offer a unique and wonderful shopping experience, something else make our Artisan Market even more worth a visit. The focus on people and our communities is obvious. Local residents creating local products have the opportunity to share their passion with others and foster seeds of entrepreneurship.