Saturday 29 February, 11am

Admission: £3

Acclaimed spin-off film version of the popular anime series. Set on Mars in 2071, a group of bounty hunters, led by lanky dropout Spike Spiegel, track down an ex-Special Forces officer-turned-biological terrorist. Threatening to unleash a horde of rampaging nano-machines into the city, Vincent is public enemy number one, which is why there’s a 300 million woolong bounty on his head. And since that’s enough dosh to keep the Cowboy Bebop crew in buckwheat noodles until the next millennium, the foursome are quickly on the case!

This event is supported by Film Hub NI (BFI Film Audience Network), awarding funds from the National lottery Good Causes.

Running time: 1 hr 55 mins, 2001, Cert 12