Each season we open up our butchery doors for our most popular class, Wild Small Game Butchery.
This is the perfect class for anyone who is curious about using seasonal, small game or for those who enjoy shooting but would like to also know how to butcher their quarry.

The class will give you all the skills you’ll need to be confident in prepping your own wild game for the kitchen. Course content is as follows:
•Knife skills and safety talk
•Demonstration-led hands on task of making a game bird oven ready (plucking and evisceration)
•Demonstration of skinning game birds, and breast and leg jointing of the bird.
•Demonstration of evisceration, skinning and jointing of a rabbit

During the class we’ll also talk about the best ways to cook the different cuts and varieties. You’ll get to take away a selection of local game at the end of the class.

Corses running 15th December & 19th January