Pirates Off Portrush is a two day festival with Dance, Drama, Parade,  Music, Heritage Fair, Artisan Market and Have-a-go Games. On Saturday the Pirates are chasing the Leprechauns to save the Open Golf Championship  and on Sunday there is fun for all the family at the Heritage Fair.

Saturday 29th June

A full programme of events will take place throughout the town starting with the Treasure Hunt, Pirate Dress and Dance Competitions. Through drama and entertainment, performed in the Amphitheatre and Antrim Gardens, the battle between the Leprechauns and Tavish’s Pirates  is played out. Movement between locations is staged as a journey or pursuit with Costumed Characters, Street Entertainers, Floats, Musicians all taking part in a Grand Street Parade.

Heritage Fair: Sunday 30th June

The Heritage Fair is based in Antrim Gardens. This location is part of the site of a former 12th/13th Century Ecclesiastical Settlement. The 2019 Heritage Fair will include an Artisan Fair, Children’s Games, Story Telling, Theatre Tent with a programme of Entertainment, Concert Band, Characters in Costume, Maritime Heritage Boats, Community Groups eg RNLI, Air Ambulance, Mountsandel Project, and a range of Children’s have-a-go events.


In 1315 Tavish captured three English Vessels that were sheltering inside the Skerry Islands just off Portrush. These vessels were carrying supplies and gold for the Red Earl of Ulster who had taken refuge in Coleraine where Edward Bruce had him besieged. Tavish Dhu delivered some of the provisions and treasure to Edward Bruce. It is said that Tavish hid his share of the treasure in underwater caves in the Skerry Islands and that it may still be there. Each year in the Children’s Festival Tavish finds himself in a new adventure. His 2019 adventure will be based around Tavish and his Pirates coming across a Time Traveller called “The Doctor” who tells them about the trickery of the Leprechauns on the People of Portrush.

The Leprechauns are stealing the holes from the greens of the Royal Portrush Golf Course and threatening the staging of the Open Golf Championship in Portrush. The Leprechaun King has demanded the club pays over a Ransom to have the holes returned. However the Club does not trust the King and has offered a large ransom of Gold Coins to anyone who can defeat them. Tavish Dhu is enraged and says that he can defeat the Leprechauns; but how can he get to 2019 as it’s only 1315. “The Doctor” offers to take Tavish and his crew forward to 2019 so that they can defeat the Leprechauns. Unfortunately “The Doctor’s” time machine isn’t as reliable as it might be which leads Tavish into a few adventures on the way to 2019. Will Tavish ever reach 2019 or will the Open Golf Championship have to be cancelled?