Patrick Talbot Productions and Rathmore Productions present …. From the Olivier Award winning author of STONES IN HIS POCKETS …. FLY ME TO THE MOON

A comedy written and directed by Marie Jones. Starring Abigail McGibbon and Katie Tumelty.

Francis and Loretta are community care visitors. Davey, one of their elderly charges, has had a significant win on the horses, but he doesn’t know. When the cash-strapped women learn that Davey will not be around for a considerable time they are faced with a mouth-watering dilemma.

Marie Jones is the author of some of the most successful plays ever produced in Ireland, including STONES IN HIS POCKETS, WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF HRT AND A NIGHT IN NOVEMBER. This hilarious comedy investigates whether we are valued more in life or in death.


Tickets £19