Calling all Princesses, Princes, Fairy Godmothers and enchanted talking animals!

REAL Princesses NI are bringing their favourite royal friends to a stage near you.  Join the wonderful REAL Snow Sisters as they attempt to lift a wicked fairy’s curse that has jumbled their story-line with some of the most beloved fairytale characters. With singing, dancing and a personal meet and greet with 5 characters, we can guarantee your little one will have a delightful day full to the brim with magic and memories!

It’s Coronation Day for the soon-to-be Ice Queen, what could go wrong?  Well… A lot, when you add a jealous Wicked Fairy into the mix.

Join the Snow Sister as she tries to figure out how to reverse the spell with the help of her wonderful friends, singing and dancing every step of the way to her “Happily Ever After”.

The show is on Saturday 29th February at 1pm.

Tickets cost £12; concession price £10.