Moving on Music present

The Saltarello Trio

Saturday 29 February, 8pm

Tickets £14

Travelling a millennium in one performance might seem like a bit of a challenge, but Saltarello Trio manage it with gusto. This musical journey, presented by Garth Knox, Sylvain Lemêtre and Agnès Vesterman, somehow traces a clear musical line from Hildegard Von Bingen to David Fennessy, stopping along the way to admire the work of Dowland, Vivaldi and Purcell, not to mention an extraordinary arrangement of the folk song Black is the Colour, entitled ‘Black Brittany’.

No strangers to Irish audiences, the three members of Saltarello have been trailblazing the world of classical and contemporary music for years. For this outing they soak-up the colours and textures of folk music to hatch arrangements full of wit and feeling. They highlight connections and similarities that exist between century-wide soundworlds, and present it in an immensely enjoyable programme.

The trio’s gorgeous swirling string lines and razor-sharp percussion helps reimagine old music, proving a good tune speaks to us all, regardless of language, no matter the age. Come along and experience this odyssey of sound and time.